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Serbia Does Fruit as well as their member companies Agrobel system, Berry 4 U, and Srbovoće was a part of the panel discussion: Analyses of domestic and international markets for berry fruit, during the Berry Business Forum which was held in Belgrade on October 6th.

Mrs. Julka Toskić, Manager of Serbia Does Fruit platform presented the export of Serbian fresh berries in the first eight months of 2021. valued 45,5 mil. €, while 49% was the value of fresh blueberries export. Comparing with export value of fresh berries in 2020. which was 37,4 mil. €, this is increasement of more than 20 %. Serbian berries were exported on 28 different export markets, while 7 of them had value of more than 1 mil.eur. (Russia 16 mil. €, Holland 13,7 mil. €, Germany 4,7 mil. €, Austria 3,5 mil. €, Poland 2,3 mil. €, and Great Britain 1,7 mil. € ).

Panelist concluded that for further successful positioning on new export markets it is necessary to join forces and to make promotion of high quality berry fruit from Serbia under the one brand.