About Hladnjače Brestovik

The Brestovik Cold Storage Company was established in January 2017 to serve farmers in the Grocka area and further afield in Serbia by providing professional services and robust connections with leading global firms.

The cold storage facility boasts a capacity of 1,400 tonnes and a floor area of 1,550 sqm. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that ensure the produce is handled appropriately and make it a modern distribution centre for marketing fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

The firm is Global G.A.P. certified.

Products and annual quantities:

  • Blueberries, 150 tonnes
  • Sweet cherries, 200 tonnes
  • Strawberries, 200 tonnes
  • Plums, 500 tonnes
  • Apricots, 200 tonnes
  • Peaches, 300 tonnes
  • Nectarines, 300 tonnes
  • Apples, 3,000 tonnes

Partizanski put br.1,
Belgrade – Grocka,
+381 69 499 30 69