LLC Pan Harvest Gakovo is a company engaged in farming, apple growing and seed production. The headquarters of Pan Harvest are in Gakovo, while the orchard plantations that have been raised successively since 2016 are located in the immediate vicinity of the village of Stanišić.

As we strongly believe that the success of a company rests primarily on its employees, Pan Harvest takes special care of the internal community of all its employees and business associates who successfully lead and organize production on a total of 1,600 hectares of arable land.

Pan Harvest organizes primary agricultural production, using the highest quality raw materials, mineral fertilizers, seeds and plant protection products, with the support of experts whose advice aims to achieve high and stable yields.

Fruit growing, as one of the segments of our agricultural production, is advancing in step with the latest technologies available to us. The complete area is covered with an anti-hail system, an antifrost system and an irrigation system. The apple orchard currently covers about 40 ha with a tendency to expand in the next 4-5 years to the final 85 ha. The produced sorts are as follows: Gala (Devil and Schniko), Golden Delicious (Reinders), Granny Smith (Challenger), Red Delicious (Mestar) and Fuji (Fubrax).

Monitoring of investments in the expansion of new areas would be accompanied by a new cold storage, which is planned to be completed in up to 5 years. Until then, a strategic partnership has been established with the company Vija Product from Čelarevo and our apple are stored in a cold storage owned by them with a modern Ulo system, capacity 5000t. The cold storage is certified to HACCP and ISO 9001 quality standards.

Vuka S. Karadžića 16
25282 Gakovo
+381 069 820 08 66