About PDM Agro-Fruit

Home to the sweetest fruit in the region is the small town ofPudarci, situated on the sunny banks of the Danube River, only 40 kilometres from Belgrade. In 2012, Pudarci saw the establishment of PDM Agro-Fruit, today an undisputed leader among fruit buyers, distributors and exporters across Serbia.

Year after year, PDM Agro-Fruit has grown from strength to strength in achieving our mission of uniting as many fruit producers as possible from all over Serbia; presenting our products in both the domestic and foreign markets; and ensuring that quality, above all, was the main feature of packages that bear the trademark ‘Healthy from Serbia’. Our efforts are complemented by the work of more then 3,500 subcontractors, whose products we carefully store, sort, package, and distribute to customers, always applying the highest and most up-to-date standards.

Narodnih heroja 17 a
11430 Pudarci
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PDM Agro-Fruit Pudarci primarily purchases and distributes apples. As many as 1,549 contract producers of this fruit grow more than 15 apple varieties across 4,363.62 hectares for our distribution centre. The average yield obtained from this area is 174,544.80 tonnes.

We buy cherries from 842 producers with plantations covering more than 808 hectares, which gives a combined total quantity of about 15,354 tonnes.

Sour cherry:
We purchase sour cherries from 539 producers who grow this fruit on over 527 hectares, with a total yield of some 13,185 tonnes.

We work with 357 growers with more than 324.4 hectares of plantations, for a grand total quantity of about 4,866 tonnes.

We buy blueberries from 89 growers with 167 hectares of plantations, which gives an overall yield of about 1,168 tonnes.

We purchase peaches and nectarines from 1,212 producers that grow these fruits on 2,087 hectares, making a total quantity of about 41,738 tonnes.

We buy apricots from 853 producers with over 806 hectares and a total yield of about 16,133 tons.

We purchase pears from 405 producers who have more than 735 hectares of plantations for a total quantity of about 22,047 tonnes.

Blackberries are our most valuable product. Serbian fruit growers have mastered the production of this fruit, allowing them to achieve high yields and excellent quality. Blackberries require careful harvesting and storage to avoid damaging the fruit. Both fresh and juiced, blackberries are an important part of a healthy diet.

This is Serbia’s most widely recognised fruit, with the country being one of the top raspberry producers and exporters worldwide. Numerous global awards demonstrate the quality of our raspberries, which are unique in their colour, flavour, and firmness. Raspberry growing in Serbia has a tradition dating back to the 1880s– when the shrubs were used only for decoration – with commercial production commencing in the 1920s. Dozens of raspberry varieties are grown in the country, most extensively grown in the western regions. We purchase raspberries from 101 growers with more than 69 hectares of plantations, giving a total quantity of about 1,034 tonnes.

Plums are an iconic symbol of Serbian agriculture and a corner stone of fruit growing in the country. Plums are grown in every single region of Serbia. Most of the production is sold fresh, with considerably smaller quantities of processed. We purchase plums from 861 producers who cultivate this fruit on plantations of more than 658 hectares, giving a total quantity of about 16,451 tonnes.