Serbia is one of the largest apple producer is South East Europe with total annuall volume of nearly 500 000 t of apples, produced on 26 089 ha. Companies present of this platform, have a vast experience with intensive apple production. They utilize state-of-the art equipment, including anti-hail, frost-control systems, irrigation and fertigation systems. Apples are carefully stored at ULO-DCA cold-storage facilities. They are sorted and packed in accordance to the buyers’ request. The entire growing and production process, from planting the trees to shipping the apples is covered by the highest quality standards. Due to fitting climate conditions with four seasons and lots of sunny days, proper altitudes and high-quality soils, Serbian apples are superb with natural taste and good coloration.

Pear is present in Serbia for a long time. Total acreage under the pears is about 6 000 ha. The main varieties are: William Pear, Carmen, Butira, Santa Maria, June Beauty, Abate Fetel, Kaludjerska Pear, Kieffer Pear and Packham’s Triumph William Pear, Carmen, Butira, Santa Maria, June Beauty, Abate Fetel, Kaludjerska Pear, Kieffer Pear and Packham’s Triumph.

Serbia has been producing and exporting plums to Central Europe since 1820. Today there is about 72 250 ha of plum production in Serbia with total of 559 000 t annualy. Lot of different varieties of plums are grown in Serbia in almost all regions. Serbian plums are for fresh consumption, frozen, dry and for differnt kinds of proccesed food. In 2016, export of Serbian fruits amounted 573.4millions of euros.

Serbia is among the top European producers of peaches and nectarines. The main production centers in Serbia are located in the regions of Smederevo, Bela Crkva and Subotica. The fruit species grown in our region have excellent organoleptic features. Careful harvesting, storage and transportation are essential for delivering this produce to its customers at its highest quality levels.

Apricots are grown across all the fruit growing regions of Serbia. The largest quantities of apricots are grown in Grocka municipality, high quality apricots are also grown in region of the Cacak and the surrounding areas of Smederevo, Zrenjanin and Subotica.

Cherry production in Serbia is raising thanks to the raising of export in recent years. Current acreage is 5000 ha, while total production is over 280 000 t. New cherry orchards are intensive with modern technology which provides extra quality of cherries.

Sour cherry production in Serbia is conducted on approximately 18 000 ha with annual production of nearly 100 000 t. World famous variety Oblacinska sour cherry which is excellent for processing is grown only in Serbia.

By raspberry production in recent years, Serbia become world producer number 3. According to the latest data, famous Serbian raspberries are grown on more than 23 000 ha, with more than 120 000 tons of total volume in 2019. Serbia is also one of the leading countries in export of fresh and frozen raspberries in the world.

Serbia have a long tradition of growing blackberries. Last data shows that blackberries are grown at nearly 6 000 ha with annual production volume of 29 000 tons.

Lot of modern strawberry varieties are grown in Serbia on total acreage of more than 6 500 ha and total volume of more than 20 000 t. Strawberries are strong export fruit and number of export markets is increasing from year to year.

Beside raspberries which are most significant berry fruit in Serbia, blueberry plantation had a massive growth in past 5 years in Serbia and in this moment total acreage under the blueberries riches 2 000 ha and total volume is more than 6 000 t. While raspberries in Serbia are grown on small sized production sites, blueberry plantations are on large acreage with modern technologies and annual production growing fast.